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Welcome to the wiki for our GURPS game!

This page is the front page of the wiki. New pages will be added as needed to tell you what you need to know about various places! It also helps me keep track of things, so there you go.

First things first, though, you may want to know about the world of Rosmara, or perhaps your starting continent of Torryn, or even your home city of Serpor, where the campaign will begin. The setting for this campaign is Modern Fantasy, in the same vein as Superman or the like. Magic is allowed and may be the cause of your powers. Likewise, non-magic is a totally viable option. Gadgets and technology roughly on-par or even a slight bit more advanced than current real-world technology is in use in this world, which translates in GURPS terms to Tech Level 8. Have a read of the other pages to learn a little more about the world!

Current status

Presently, the players have defeated the entire crew of the alien ship, just one survivor remaining inside Zed. Two supers from a group in the city arrived to help clear out the tech in the ship, and instructed the four to head to a place called Strawberries and Sprinkles, an all-night pastry store on the main street around the city. They’re to tell the cashier that “Gumdrop and Nova sent them”, upon which they’ll be granted access to the back room.

The starting cash is $20,000, and can be spent on equipment, vehicles, and so on.


I’ll include links to the player characters when they’re finalised!



Gumdrop is a creature who takes on the shape of a female human, but looks to be made entirely out of pink bubblegum. She and Nova showed up at the crash site to help you free. Out of the two heroes, she seemed the more talkative.


Nova is a red-furred sergal whose main characteristics are shyness and tastiness. While Gumdrop seemed to be the leader of the two-man rescue team the duo formed, Nova was the one pulling her weight, cutting through the ship’s hull with what one could only assume to be a blowtorch, although you couldn’t see any equipment on her. She was struck in the face by a section of hull and dunked into the water of the lake when Ronaldo escaped the ship.

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