The city of Serpor is one of the largest mixed-race cities in Rosmara. In the continent of Torryn but a mere five miles from the border of Lodratur, Serpor is one of the only cities in the continent to use human technology but to be ruled by an anthropomorph government. The city is a fairly regular circle when viewed from above, and its height varies almost like a donut. Bungalows around the outer rim, larger houses and then apartments as you get closer to the middle, which falls again to larger, detached housing and finally the town hall and mayor’s house in the centre of the city.

Players’ Living Conditions

The players begin the game living in the middle-outer streets of Serpor, towards the western edge. The more upper-class live towards the centre, and as a general rule, the lower-class live right on the outskirts. The player characters have homes in the middle-class area by default, and would likely be aware of the entertainment available in the area, from bars and restaurants to arcades and casinos, gambling dens, night clubs, all sorts, mostly found down one main High Street area. The characters don’t live on this high street, but the campaign begins with all four characters happening to be on the same suburban road at the same time, possibly on their way home from a bar, or out to a night club, to a 24-hour supermarket, etc.


The city’s mayoress is a rather rotund, but well-loved female snake anthropomorph with green scales and a large cobra hood, known as Mayoress Amanda Lima. She has been known to be a fair and popular leader, funding endless entertainment services for the public and helping to build better accommodation for the lower class without compromising the way of life of the upper-class. She has, however, been known to be gluttonous, and although adults (supposedly) know better, children spread rumours about her eating criminals.

The Super-Vigilantism Act of 4660 AC

Due to the city’s inadequate police force and its unpreparedness for combating the recently-rising super-powered individuals willing to abuse their abilities for personal gain, and with the Mayoress’s re-election rapidly approaching, Mayoress Lima published a rather popular bill eight years ago to allow super-powered individuals to enlist as crime-fighters. In addition to not being arrested on-sight for using their abilities in public, they would also be paid a small bounty if they assisted in capturing self-proclaimed “super villains”, saving innocent bystanders from harm, and otherwise serving the community.


Super Nightwing Nightwing